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Jan-Philipp Fruehsorge
The Drawing Hub


Pour Paréidolie 2021, Jan-Philipp Fruehsorge, qui dirige la plate-forme nomade internationale de recherche en dessin contemporain The Drawing Hub, propose une sélection de dessins vidéographiques intitulé Vertigo of Time

“Under the title Vertigo of time, this selection of animation films assembles artists from New Zealand, the US, Europe, Japan and Africa. The15 works set a time frame from as early as 1914 until very recent ones that have been produced in the lockdown months of the Covid-19 pandemic. We watch and witness the relativity of time, the idiosyncrasies of duration and expectation, projection and memory.  We travel and dream into the shadows of the past of German expressionism, encounter narratives and topographies of half forgotten childhood sceneries. Humorous prehistoric events come to live, literally like the line that is drawn to set a dinosaur into motion. Equally alive and alluring is the imaginative power of non-objective drawing that is in the making.Time marks the exploitative routines of labour as well as it magically heals and transforms the restless individuum to find dignifying self fulfillment posing nude in front of a live drawing class.” J-P Fruehsorge.

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